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Paying attention to e-commerce is one of the flagship trading policies. Obviously, the use of the electronic platform provided in today’s conditions is essential and indisputable for the growth and nutrition needs of the market. Therefore, we are working hard to smooth the trust of our valued customers and provide the necessary communication tools in the field of e-commerce.

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Economic efficiency

Considering the fact that GP Chemical Trading Company is the official representative for import of raw materials from foreign countries. Considering the company’s economic policies in order to satisfy the well-being of our customers, the respected flower sellers can provide their product, which is arguably This will have a profound effect on their economic efficiency

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Global Communications

GP Chemical Trading is an international company. The company is a importer of raw materials and products needed by color manufacturing factories from around the world. Golpakhsh Trading Co. is a importer of raw materials for paints, resins, glues and plastics, and is the owner of hi-quality and internationally GP Chemical and DCC brands, and will always maintain its communications globally.

ادامه مطلب

Why the GP Chemical Company?

Preparation of the product from different parts of the world

GP Chemical Trading is an international company and the owner of by GP Chemical and DCC brands, representing reputable companies from many countries such as China, India, and more. It also provides products and materials to support domestic producers from around the world.

Quality Guarantee

GP Chemical Trading Co. has always tried to offer unique quality products. It is noteworthy that the Flower Distribution Company itself is also a consumer of Gulf Distributor products, which is a guarantee of the quality of the products.

Respect for consumers rights

Unparalleled quality

Paying attention to the economic situation and saving costs is one of the important priorities of the marketing of flowers. But more important is the quality of the products. That’s why we put our focus, in addition to the affordable price, on superior and unmatched quality.

Advice before purchase

Dear customers, we can contact our advisers before buying, to ask questions as quickly as possible and to answer. Our consultants are always ready to respond to you at GP Chemical Trading.

History-based credit

GP Chemical Company has been proud of its decades of history as a proud and unparalleled work. The reputation of the Gulf Broadcasting Company has been based on its brilliant record, and this has been consolidated.

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