our approach
Integrity and Transparency are among the issues that have been addressed in the policy and practice guidelines of the Broadcasting Company.

The GP Chemical approach has always been transparent. Hence, we are proud to say that our business in the commercial business of Golpakhsh is a trade based on quality. Of course, we have always tried our best to obtain the satisfaction of our dear customers in terms of cost and price.

Professional shipping

Having the best means of transportation and speeding up the process of importing products for our customers is another Golpakhsh policy and approach to maintaining the welfare and satisfaction of our customers.

Increase Productivity

We always consider the benefits and efficiency of our dear customers. By providing quality, pricing and unrivaled features, we have provided all of our customers’ demands to improve their results and thus increase their efficiency and economic efficiency.

Consumer Products Consultant

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Talented consultants

Informing and providing free advice is another aspect of our approach to Golparksh commerce, based on the transparency and integrity of the Golpakhsh Commerce business. Our experts are always ready to offer you free advice.


Energy consumption is one of the challenges that all companies and factories face directly and indirectly. The GP Chemical Trading Company offers time and transportation savings to save on costs and energy.

Extensive distribution

GP Chemical customers have a wide range of choices, and they have selected flowers from different parts of the country. GP Chemical scrolls have been designed to ease the purchase of these loved ones. So GP Chemical Customers can get their products at their destination.

GP Chemical

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