history of the company
GP Chemical Trading Co. started trading in 1989 with a motivated and hard worker base and started to import and distribute raw materials, and then gradually expanded its business.

  • 1989

    start of work

    When we started our business in Golpakhsh Commercial Board in 1989, they hoped to come to the forefront and believed in their goal. Of course, at this time, few people knew the us, which, with the help of boarding and maintaining transparency in the process of work, has now become a popular name for credit.

  • 1996


    The GP Chemical Trading Company, which has taken its basic steps correctly, has now grown up on a slope and is expanding at an extra pace. The flower rolls up its imports and negotiates with big companies.

  • 2006


    Now the name of the GP Chemical has become a familiar and well-known name. Hence, many customers have relied on it and, of course, Flower Distribution also responds to their trust by raising the quality level of their products and services, since this requires more workforce and more energy. In those years, the goal was to expand the skilled workforce to increase the number of services it provided.

  • 2018

    GP Chemical at the climax

    With the help of God, GP Chemical has gained a foothold in the field of importing and distributing imported chemical items and owns the brands of GP Chemical and DCC, is still reluctant to continue its efforts, and has always been a leader in promoting service and quality. Will be flagged

GP Chemical

کارشناسان گل پخش همیشه آماده پاسخگویی و ارائه مشاوره به شما هستند.

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